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This week in Elixir

Realtime Texas Hold 'Em with Elixir, Phoenix, and Elm
Zack wrote a Texas Hold'Em app with an Elixir/Phoenix backend and an Elm front-end.

Hex.pm: Private Organizations are Going Live! 🎉
After being in beta for 6 months, the Hex package manager just officially released private packages and organizations (including pricing).

Mining for Mnemonic Haiku with Elixir
Put on your lab coats and grab your Morty, we’re going full mad scientist, using the Bitcoin BIP-39 mnemonic generator we built a few weeks ago to create a “mnemonic haiku miner”.

erl-env Makes Retrieving Configuration Parameters 7x Faster
erl-env is a tiny and simple application to make retrieving configuration parameters super fast.

gen_spoxy - Caching Made Fun!
gen_spoxy is a library developed at Spot.IM which makes it very easy to create a highly-concurrent applicative reverse-proxy from scratch.

Deployment Strategies For Elixir Phoenix + Heroku
Learn how to deploy an Elixir Phoenix app to Heroku. Here are some popular deployment strategies for Elixir - Phoenix applications.

Dependabot now Supports Elixir Umbrella Applications
Dependabot is a bot that automatically updates your dependencies. After a couple of weeks in beta, their Elixir support is now live!

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirTalk 109 - Authorization/Authentication in Phoenix Apps, Higher-Level App Patterns Podcast

Form Inputs for Lists as Array Ecto Types in Phoenix Video

Writing a Plug Library Blog post

Migrating a Phoenix and Elm app from REST to GraphQL Blog post

Testing in Elixir:: Chapter 4: Processes, Processes Everywhere Blog post

Compiling External Resources with Elixir Blog post

Using Channels in Phoenix | What did I Learn Blog post

Authenticating Absinthe GraphQL APIs in Phoenix with Guardian Blog post

Elixir v1.6.2 released Project update

Webpack + Phoenix Project update

mix under - run tasks on umbrella apps or any other directory Project update

StrawHat.Map for Map, Location and Addresses Management Project update

deco - simple function decorators in Elixir. Project update

ModestEx - Pipeable Transformations on Html Strings (with CSS Selectors) Project update

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