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This week in Elixir

Should I Use `with` or `|>` for Architecting Flow in Elixir Programs?
This blog post compares two approaches of describing the flow of a program, `with` and `|>`, and gives a recommendation on when to use each.

Top Open Source Frameworks in Elixir
Murtaza put together a list of "Best Elixir Frameworks" for creating applications for web, APIs, bots, command-line scripts, dashboards, etc.

Querying an Embedded Map in PostgreSQL with Ecto
Structs and maps are easy to work with in Elixir, but if they are stored in the database as JSON and accessed via an Ecto Schema, it's not as clear how to query them. This post explores how to do that!

Payload Validation
This post by Kamil explores where and how to validate incoming payloads in web applications.

Expat - Reusable, Composable Pattern Matching in Elixir
Expat is a library for creating composable pattern matchers that just went 1.0!

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings
As with every iteration of the RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, Elixir is climbing up.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Erlang 20.3 has been released Misc

Offer a Training Class at @elixirconf US 2018! Conference

Fault Tolerance and Fault Recovery Video

Gravatars Video

TIL: Your Slowest Elixir Tests Blog post

One Month of Learning Elixir Blog post

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Stateful Experiments on AWS Lambda Blog post

Implementing a Caching Service Worker with Phoenix Blog post

Using Phoenix Presence | What did I Learn Blog post

Forcing SSL in Phoenix Framework Blog post

Simple Setup of PostGIS Columns with Phoenix Generators Blog post

Translated E-Mails and Account Verification with Phoenix and Swoosh (part 4) Blog post

Elixir 1.6.3 Supports Comments in the Middle of Pipelines, when and | Expressions Blog post

Elixir v1.6.3 released Project update

Bungee v1.0.0-alpha2 released Project update

erlang-rocksdb v0.16.0 released Project update

AlloyCI v0.4.0 released Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v7.4.0 released Project update

veelenga/nyancat.ex Project update

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