Issue #9: ElixirConf Slides, What Keeps You From Using Using Elixir and Asynchronous Tasks

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Issue #9 - ElixirConf revisited

ElixirConf is over and it could not have been better! Well, there could have been less noise from next door, but that is an insider joke for next year :)

I tried to collect some thoughts, articles and slide decks in this week's issue, while still giving room to all the great content produced next to the conference.

Remember: I send out last week's issue on Friday, which means this massive volume of Elixir news was created in a mere 5 days.

This week in Elixir

Impressions From My First ElixirConf
Nate wrote up some thoughts & impressions about ElixirConf from the perspective of an older developer who has a lot of experience in .Net and almost no experience in Ruby.

This little purple drop has brought together 542 people
SuperNullSet (if that's his real name) gives a great recollection of his first ElixirConf and the talks he attended.

What Keeps Me From Using Using Elixir
Scott answers the question "What Keeps You From Using Using Elixir?" This makes for an interesting read. He also wrote a personal ElixirConf on his blog.

Documented example of using Cowboy in Elixir
A heavily documented example of using Cowboy to serve static assets, dynamic requests, and websockets in Elixir (updated for Elixir 1.3).

Asynchronous Tasks with Elixir
Milton shows you how easy is to convert a sequential program written in Elixir into a concurrent one using the Task module.

Introducing Tesla — the flexible HTTP client for Elixir
I have not used this new library in production (obviously), but it sure looks interesting and is inspired by Ruby's Faraday gem.

Elixir Hunt - Find your next Elixir Job
Elixir Job Boards are almost becoming a meme at this point. Here comes a job board aggregator promising "I hunt for Elixir Jobs so you don't have to!"

Community Corner Help wanted

distillery: Passing arguments to rpc functions

timex: Add ASP.NET token to the default formatter/parser

In this section, I want to highlight projects that are looking for contributors. To add your project to this section, just press reply!
All ElixirConf Slidedecks I could find

[Keynote] GenStage and Flow by @josevalim Talk slides

Leveling Up With Ecto Talk slides

Collaborative music with elm and phoenix Talk slides

Refactoring Techniques for Elixir, Ecto and Phoenix Talk slides

From Front-End to Full Stack with Elixir & Phoenix Talk slides

The Joy of Connecting Elixir to the Physical World Talk slides

Nerves + Phoenix Saves a Father's Sanity! Talk slides

No REST for the Wicked Talk slides

Abstractions: A Tale of Keys and Values Talk slides

Implementing binary protocols with Elixir Talk slides

Refactoring Techniques for Elixir, Ecto and Phoenix Talk slides

Debugging techniques in Elixir Talk slides

Building an Umbrella Project Talk slides

Building "learn to touch type" glove with Elixir and Arduino Talk slides

Measuring your Elixir App Talk slides

Selling Food With Elixir Talk slides

Giving up the Object-Oriented Ghost Talk slides

pg2 and You: Getting Distributed with Elixir Talk slides

WebRTC - for when μ seconds are not fast enough Talk slides

Elixir in Elixir Talk slides

[Keynote] Elixir for the next 10 Years Talk slides

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Fountain with Ben Wilson Podcast

Elixir LDN 2016 - September 22nd - London Conference Conference

How to Set up a Distributed Elixir Cluster on Amazon EC2 Blog post

Elixir Development on Windows 10 – Medium Blog post

Phoenix templates: Yup, they are just functions Blog post

Ecto, what about it? – Medium Blog post

Re-architecting with Elixir/OTP and Pattern Matching Blog post

Recursively List Files in Elixir Blog post

How Elixir helped us scale our Video User Profile Service Blog post

Load your aliases when starting IEx Blog post

Returning row data from PostgreSQL functions w/ Ecto Blog post

Rails vs Phoenix: MVC Blog post

Develop from anywhere in a browser with the intellij IDE Project update

Gravity - Elixir client for the Gravatar API Project update

Keep your ETS tables alive forever (v1.1)! Project update

River, an HTTP/2 Client for Elixir Project update

Paasaa: natural language detection Project update

Function currying in Elixir Project update

exfacebook Project update

IntelliJ Elixir v4.3.0 Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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