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This week in Elixir

Elixir Bootcamp 2018 Announced
After last year's successful bootcamp, Tonći and friends are organising another Elixir Bootcamp in Amsterdam for all of you wanting to learn Elixir.

Advanced Techniques for Architecting Flow in Elixir 🔬
This new article on "Architecting Flow in Elixir" explores Advanced Techniques provided by Plug and Ecot to model flow in our applications.

Implementing SSH Tunnels in Elixir
Erlang OTP includes an SSH application, so let's see if we can use it to implement SSH tunneling in Elixir.

Photo Processing with GenStage and Flow
Steven shows how he used Elixir's GenStage and Flow to implement a photo triage workflow for his vast collection of photo material.

Raxx - Refined Web Development
Raxx can be used to build web applications much like Plug. However that is where the similarities end according to Peter.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Add Elixir Files to Your Compiled List Misc

TIL: Mix xref and Elixir Compiler Warnings Misc

Stop Guessing and Start Measuring – Benchmarking in Practice Video

Gently Down the Stream - GEOFFREY LESSEL Video

Accepting Payments with Stripe - ElixirCasts Video

Introduction to Testing Blog post

Elixir tips'n'tricks: Floki Blog post

Telegram Bots and Elixir Blog post

Easy Session Testing in Phoenix Blog post

ExVenture Updates for March 2018 Blog post

Introducing Elixir into Limpid Markets Blog post

WeTools: An Elixir Command Line Tool Blog post

A Little Graph Theory and a lot of Ecto - Part 2b Blog post

Building a Raspberry Pi Weather Station with Elixir/Nerves - Part 4 Blog post

Pond - State Aware Functions Without Spawning new Processes Project update

Expat v1.0.4 - Reusable, composable patterns - featuring Unions Project update

Annon - Configurable Elixir API Gateway with CLI and UI Project update

erlang-rocksdb v0.17.0 released Project update

test_match v1.1.0 released Project update

cloak v0.7.0-alpha.1 released Project update

ex_money v2.3.0 released Project update

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