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Elixir's Library Guidelines
The Elixir team finally published these guidelines for library authors. Thanks to all the contributors!

Public Database of Elixir Security Vulnerabilities
The fine folks from Dependabot needed a database of security advisories for Elixir packages, but none existed, so they created this repo. All data is 100% public domain!

Get Your Elixir/Phoenix Performance Metrics in Chrome Dev Tools
Bring Phoenix server-side performance metrics to Chrome’s Developer Tools and other browsers (that support the W3C's Server Timing API).

Writing Elixir Stubs for Better Testing
Marcelo shows a handy technique to create and use stubs for your Elixir projects, leading to better tests, more maintainable code, and a lot of fun while using ETS, match specs, and macros.

Using Mocks Safely in Elixir Tests
Sooner or later, as your Elixir codebase grows, you’re going to hit a point in your tests where you need to avoid running a particular function.

A Simple Notification System Using Phoenix PubSub and pg_notify
Ben demonstrates how to send yourself emails when users sign up or change their subscription plans using Phoenix PubSub and pg_notify.

Credo: Looking at 1.0 and Beyond
Credo is nearly 2.5 years old and not going to be able to run away from 1.0 for much longer :)

A Phoenix Field Guide For Djangonauts
It can sometimes seem that Elixir's community is made up of lots of people coming from a Ruby/Rails background. It's always good to see how diverse our background as a community is in reality!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Editing Topic Tags as a List in a Phoenix Form Video

New Full Stack Ember.js & Phoenix Course Released Video

Calculating Bitcoin Address in Elixir Blog post

AlloyCI v0.5.0 has been released! Blog post

Phoenix Chat for Your Rails Application Blog post

How to Trace a GenServer’s Execution Blog post

Testing Phoenix Models and Controllers Blog post

How to Retrieve GenServer State After Termination? Blog post

Phoenix |> Strong Params Blog post

Asynchronous State Management with Agents Blog post

Benchee is now Called Bunny! Blog post

Ecto.Multi Blog post

hackney v1.12.0 released Project update

Drab v0.7.2 - Reusable Components are now Easier to Make! Project update

Random Geometric Graph Generation - Package Created for Network Simulations Project update

Brex: A Specification Pattern implementation in Elixir Project update

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