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This week in Elixir

You Don’t Know OTP
Jorge wanted to name this “Introduction to OTP” but found a more provocative title. It worked.

The Token Approach for Architecting Flow in Elixir
After introducing the Token approach, we have to examine when to use a Plug-like Token in our projects and when to consider other options.

Handling Failures in Elixir and Phoenix
Fault tolerance is one of the most often mentioned reasons for using Elixir. Maciej tackles one problem specifically: handling errors and failures in web applications.

Ethereum Virtual Machine Implementation in Elixir
What can I say? An interesting post for the "crypto alchemists" out there.

Puppeteer vs WkHtmlToPdf
This is a new PDF generator module for Elixir using Puppeteer to generate PDF files using HTML code.

Twitter Emoji Map
Twitter Emoji Map built with Elixir’s GenStage and Angular.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Truncating Floats in Elixir Misc

TIL: Elixir String Manipulation Misc

ElixirOutlaws: The Elixir Track of the Hallway Community Podcast

ElixirDaze 2018 - Why Elixir Matters: A Genealogy of Functional Programming by Osayame Gaius-Obaseki Video

User Authentication in Phoenix Video

Forwarding remote IP to Phoenix (running behind Nginx) Video

Passwordless Authentication with Veil Video

Building a Distributed Chatroom with Raxx.Kit Blog post

Elixir and my ISO-8859-1 Character Encoding Problem Blog post

Arbitrary Code Execution Safely with lua and Elixir Blog post

Drab v0.7.7, with the Brand new EEx Engine, Without any Limitations, Released! Project update

A gRPC based Elixir client for the Dgraph graph database Project update

Paseto (A better JWT) v0.3.0 release Project update

StatBuffer - efficient local counter buffers Project update

Benchee 0.13.1 with memory measurement fixes released Project update

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