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This week in Elixir

Elixir  - Quick Reference for Debugging Techniques
Much has been said about Elixir debugging techniques, but in this post, Leandro gives a quick overview of all possible options to serve as a go-to reference when you need to debug Elixir code.

Rethinking app env
This great article by Saša questions current practices of using application environment and config scripts, and proposes a different approach to configuring Elixir based systems.

Elixir Backend Engineer Wanted at Wooga!
Wooga Backend Engineering team is responsible for providing the tools and services we use to build, scale and operate all our games to excite millions of players around the world every day!

Going Multi-Node with Elixir
Last month ExVenture, a multiplayer text-based game server, went distributed. This is a blog post showing that journey and how simple it ended up being.

On Guarantees of Phoenix Presence
Phoenix Presence is awesome! But it’s important to know about its tradeoffs and limitations before deciding to use it.

Introducing Level, an OSS app Built in Elixir + Elm + GraphQL
Level is an alternative to real-time chat, optimized for deep focus. This is an early-stage project under active development.

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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