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Issue 51: The Missing Guide to Elixir and Counting Twitch Emotes
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Issue #38: Why Michał stayed with Elixir and how to use Ecto Custom Types
Issue #37: Why choosing Elixir to build a startup was both a terrible and an awesome decision
Issue #36: Different kinds of promises, a 10K LOC Phoenix app and Elixir vs. F#
Issue #35: ElixirDaze, Phoenix 1.3 and Understanding Elixir's Type System
Issue #34: Deep Learning, Decorating Elixir and Plug Vulnerabilities
Issue #33: Web based observer, Feature Folders and End-to-End Testing
Issue #32: Monitoring Tools, Command Line Animations and a Slack Bot
Issue #31: Bleacher Report, Elm and Playing the Game of Life
Issue #30: Comparing Go and Elixir
Issue #29: Edeliver, Agent Obsession and DefQL
Issue #28: Server Side DOM, Reusable Templates and Deployment
Issue #27: Registry in Elixir 1.4, Passwordless Authentication in Phoenix and Protecting Your Data with PostgreSQL Constraints
Issue #26: Deploying with Distillery and ADTs in Elixir
Issue #25: visualizing GenStage/Flow, HTTP Streaming and Phoenix React Redux Starter Kit
Issue #24: Elixir Users' Survey 2016 Results, Latency and Internationalization
Issue #23: Many to many upserts, Measuring Temperature on a Raspberry Pi and Connecting to a remote Elixir node deployed with Distillery
Issue #22: New Router features in Plug 1.3 and Training Elixir Processes To Learn Like Neurons
Issue #21: Elixir v1.4.0-rc0, An Open Source forum in Phoenix from ElixirSips and Phoenix GraphQL
Issue #20: Turbolinks with Phoenix, Binary Data over Sockets and How Supervisors Work
Issue #19: CRDTs, NoSQL Injection in Phoenix and IntelliJ Elixir v4.6.0
Issue #18: Linking your Java Application to Elixir/Erlang, Strategies for Migrating a Phoenix App on Heroku and JavaScript-style Destructuring for Elixir
Issue #17: Beyond 10,000 Lines of Elixir, String Manipulation Micro Optimisation and Distributed Supervisors
Issue #16: How IO Lists help Phoenix be fast, Testing Elixir Apps with ExUnit and Why Ross is Betting on Elixir
Issue #15: Focusing on José Valim, Reactive Tweets with Elixir GenStage and Streaming Hacker News
Issue #14: ElixirStatus update, Iteration in Elixir and new Workshops
Issue #13: Stateful vs. Stateless Web Applications, Dynamic Forms with Phoenix and Measuring Elixir Apps
Issue #12: BEAM vs Redis, GenStage Patterns and the Elixir Users' Survey 2016
Issue #11: Building a Casino in Elixir, From Pattern Matching to Polymorphism and The Elixir Way: Operational Reasoning
Issue #10: Object Orientation, Insanity and Generating 3,000 Thumbnails per Minute
Issue #9: ElixirConf Slides, What Keeps You From Using Using Elixir and Asynchronous Tasks
Issue #8: Elixir for Rubyists, How B/R trains Elixir devs and Elixir Fountain is on Patreon now!
Issue #7: Data Ingestion, Dealing with Legacy Databases and Setting up Gitlab for Elixir
Issue #6: Phoenix Special, Understanding Elixir Recompilation, rebar3_elixir, ESpec 1.0.0 and more
Issue #5: Elixir in the Trenches, a free e-book and better Elixir support for IntelliJ
Issue #4
Issue #3
Issue #2
Issue #1
Issue #0

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